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Mail: Willmar Lube   P.O. Box 456, Ada, MI. 49301 USA F: 1-616-676-1287 TEL: 1-616-676-1792 sales@willmarlube.com

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Willmar and WillmarLube is a small family-owned, diversified, global business (est. 1991) involved in distribution and manufacturing and dedicated to designing and providing only the highest quality products—including: 

  • Carbide Micro Tooling:

  • Lubrication Systems (Equipment and Design Services)

  • Lubrication Equipment.

  • Lubrication Parts.

  • Hydraulic Jacks / Equipment.

  • Hydraulic Repair Kits for older USA made Jacks.

  • Hydraulic Repair Kits for newers Imported and USA made Jacks.

  • Buying Service for Overseas Purchasers.

  • Exporting Services.

  • Premium Rawhide Dog Bones (imported from Brazil).

We are happy to ship our products to all regions of the world, and every item is thoroughly inspected and tested before shipment. The product descriptions for our products are carefully written to communicate every conceivable specification and parameter to help our customers make informed buying decisions. With over 40 years of experience in our product lines, we pride ourselves on providing more than just the best products, but superior service, personal customer service and technical support as well.

We have been online with our website since 1996.  Previously our website was http://www.iserv.net/~wmogrady/lube.html.    However the "~" are becoming extinct and we now have our site as www.willmarlube.com   The site is exactly the same, we just transferred it to a ".com" site.

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Suggestions: We are constantly changing our systems, products, menus, offerings and online ordering.  If you have any constructive suggestions, please email us.
P.O. BOX 456; ADA, MI. 49301 USA
TEL: 1-616-676-1792; FAX: 1-616-676-1287
Email: sales@willmarlube.com
Website: https://www.willmarlube.com