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Description: Low Pressure Manual Oil Pump with 2" Bung Adapter for 55 gallon Refinery Container..
1. Includes Low Pressure Manual Oil Pump.
2. 5FT(1.52mts) x 1/2" Low Pressure 300 PSI Oil Delivery Hose.
3. 6" Curved Nozzle Assembly with Non-Drip Nozzle.
4. Optional Attachment: 6" Straight Nozzle Assembly with Non-Drip Nozzle.
5. Output: 1 pint (.473 Liters) per 7 strokes using SAE90 Gear Lubricant at 70 degrees F OR 1 Liter / 14 strokes.

6. Lube Outlet: 1/2"NPT(f);
7:Cast pump mechanism to hold unused nozzle and return hole back to tank.
8: 2" Bung Adapter that threads into top of Original Refinery Drum. 3 set screws to hold pump tube in place.
9. Pump Tube Length 35-1/8"(89.2 cm) & Outside Diameter 1-5/8"(4.13 cm); Inside Diameter of Tube: 1-1/2" (3.81 cm); Overall Height: closed: 41"(104.1 cm) Open: 54" (137.2 cm) approximately.
10. Solid Cast Pump Handle 16"(40.6 cm) Long x 1"(2.54CM) Diameter for long strokes and pumping leverage. Stroke Length: 3-3/8"(8.57 cm).
11. Original Refinery Container not included.

12. One year Warranty against Defective Materials, Workmanship and Labor.
13. All Pumps are Pressure Tested Statically and Dynamically in Gear Lube for Output, Pressure, Performance and Quality.

14. Replacement and Repair Parts Available.
15. Other Information: Weight and Dimensions:
BOX #1: Pump Assembly: Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kgs).
BOX #1 DIMS: Length: 6.5"(16.5 cm) X Width: 6.5"(16.5 cm) X Height: 45.5"(115.6 cm).

16: Price
17: Download PDF File on LT508GME-1

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