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30LB OIL BUCKET PUMP W/ STRAIGHT DISPENSING NOZZLE PAYPAL creditcards.gif (1589 bytes) discov1.gif (6373 bytes)
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Manual Oil Bucket Pump w/ 30lb (13.6KG) Steel Bulk Fill Container & Straight Nozzle (self enclosed unit)
1: Include Low Pressure Manual Oil Pump
2: 5FT(1.52mts) Low Pressure Oil Delivery Hose
3: 6" Straight Nozzle Assembly with Non-Drip Nozzle.
4: Optional Attachment: 6" Curved Nozzle Assembly with Non-Drip Nozzle
5: Output: 1 pint per 7 strokes using SAE90 Gear Lubricant at 70 degrees F.
6: Lube Outlet: 1/2"NPT(f)

7: Steel Container Size: 16"(40.6CM) High by 9 1/2"(24.1CM) Diameter Painted in Red (Bulk Filled Unit)
8: Pump Specifications: Pump Tube Length 17.0"(43.2CM) & Diameter: 1-5/8"(4.13CM); Overall Height: 26.0"(66.04CM)
9: 3 Rigid Steel Clamps that clamp the cover firmly in place on the container
10: Steel Drum Cover with screws that firmly fasten the cover to the base of the pump.
11: Easy 4-1/4"(10.8CM) Carry Handle welded to the side of the container makes for easy transportability

12: 4"(10.2CM) Welded Foot Support (welded to the base of the container) for additional pumping leverage.
13: 16-1/2"(40.6CM) Long x 1"(2.54CM) Diameter Solid Cast Pump Handle for long strokes and pumping leverage. Stroke Length: 3-1/4"(8.3CM)
14: One year Warranty against Defective Materials, Workmanship and Labor
15: Replacement and Repair Parts Available.
16: Other Information: Weight and Dimensions: BOX Weight: 32LBS (9.98KG); BOX Dims: Length: 30.5"(77.5cm) X Width:14.5" (36.9cm) X Height: 13"(33.1cm)

17: Price
18: Download LT1254RDSME PDF File.
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