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Description: 1:1 Air Operated Stub Transfer Pump

1. Includes 1:1 Double Acting Low Pressure Stub Pump
2. Rapid Disconnect Coupler(815ME)
3. Air Nipple(11660ME) (Extension Tube (10181ME) is optional)
4. Muffler(LT2601ME)
5. Spring loaded toggle assembly for running at low air pressure

6. Air Inlet: 1/8"NPT(f);
Lubrication Outlet: 3/4"NPT(f)(1.90cm)
7. Pump Tube DIA: 3.0" (7.62 cm) ; Pump Tube Length: 6-43/64"(17cm); Air Motor Height: 11.0"(27.94cm); Approximate Overall Height: 19.0"(48.3 cm).
8. Material Inlet: 1.0" NPT female internal thread and 1-1/2" NPT male external threaded inlet.
9. Output: 16.0 Gallons ( 60.5 Ltrs/min)(Free Delivery)
10. Recommended Air Pressure 80 to 100 PSI with Regulator

11. Maximum Air Pressure is 200 psi.
12. Replacment Pump for an Installed Lube System to supply a Reel or as a Stand Alone Unit or used primarily as a Transfer Pump.
13. Check Valve Assembly on Material Outlet is available as optional.
14. One Year Warranty against Materials, Workmanship and Labor
15. Pump is tested under pressure with SAE 30 Motor Oil

16. Additional Plumbing is needed to extend the downtube for drum use, tank use or general application.
17: Application: Replacement Pump in an existing system for Installed Lube Systems; Lube Trucks; Single Service with Extension Hose and Control Valve; Wall Mounted Unit or Tank Mounted Unit.  Used primarily as a transfer pump
18. Additional Accessories Available:
A: Low Level Cut off Valve LT85765ME
B: Volume Union Oil Swivel 80202ME: 1/2"(f) x 1/2"(m) (925ME) and Reducing Bushing 3/4"NPT(m) x 1/2"NPT(m);
C: LT780ME Gear Oil Control Valve 1/2" NPT(f); Includes:82067ME Shut-Off Valve with built-in Swivel and 82070ME Non-Drip Nozzle Extension. Maximum Operating Pressure 1000PSI.
D: LT775ME: HD Volume Oil Control Valve 1/2" NPT(f); Includes 82906ME Shut-Off Valve and 82932 Rigid Extension Nozzle; Maximum Operating Pressure 1000PSI.
19. Complete Repair Kits Available:
20. Other Information: Weight and Dimensions:
BOX Weight: 17lbs (7.71kg)
BOX DIM: Length: 14"(35.6cm)XWidth:13"(33.0cm)XHeight: 26"(66.1cm)

21: Price.
22: Download LT83813ME PDF file.
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