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Steel Reinforced Grease Follower Plate for 400LB (181.4 kg); 55 gallon  (208 ltr) Original Refinery Drum (1.0" downtubes).

1: Grease Follower Plate for 400LB (181KG); 55 gallon (208 ltr)  Drum Pumps and LT82054ME Pumps or equivalent.
2: Downtube Diameter Opening 1.0"(2.54CM); Diameter of Follower Plate: 22"(55.9CM)

3: Two 4-1/2"(11.43CM) Metal handles on either side of the plate to retract the follower plate out of the drum
4: Reinforced steel ribbings to keep the plate rigid
5: 1-1/2"(3.81CM) High Reinforced Metal Collar for additional stability inside the drum of grease

6: Application: Standard 400LB(55 Gallon) (181.4KG) Drum of Grease and any pump supporting a 1.0"(2.54MM) Downtube Diameter.
7: Other Information: Weight and Dimensions: BOX Weight: 24LB(10.9KG)  BOX Dims: Length: 25.5"(43,2CM) X Width: 25.5" (43.2CM) X Height 4"( 10.2CM)

8: Price
9: Download PDF file on LT83366ME.
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