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35LB (5 Gallon)(15.8KG)(Base Mounted Drum Cover)

1: 35lb Grease Drum Cover w/ mounting holes for use with 35LB Drum Pumps & LT82716ME Pump or equivalent;   Consists of 4 mounting holes for attachment to base of pump
2: Dimensions of Cover:
Outside Cover Diameter: 12-5/8"(32.1CM);
Inside Cover Diameter: 12-1/2"(31.75CM);
Cover Height: 2-5/8"(6.67CM);
Diameter Pump Tube Opening in the Cover: 2-3/8"(6.03CM)
3: 3 Set Screws on the Outer edge to adhere the cover and mounted pump to the drum.

4: Fits a Standard 35LB (5Gallon) (15.8KG) Grease Drum
5: 4 Top Mounting Screws Holes to Secure the base of the pneumatic pump or equivalent to the Cover
6: For use with all Air Operated High Pressure 35LB (15.8KG) Grease Pumps and all Oil Pumps
7: Finished in Bright Red both sides.
8: Application: Installed Lube Systems with Standard 35LB (5 Gallon) (15.8KG) Grease Pails
9: BOX Weight: 3LB(1.36KG)
10: BOX Dimensions: 13" X 13" X 3" (33CM X 33CM X 7.6CM)
11: Price
12: Download PDF File on LT45899ME.
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