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Description: 35LB(5 Gallon)(15.9KG) Grease Pump Assembly w/ Rubber Ringed Follower Plate (also fits 25LB(11.3KG)-50LB(22.7KG) Pails)

1. Includes 50:1 Double Acting High Pressure Pump(LT82716ME; provides uniform pressure and delivery on the up and down stroke.
2. 6'(1.85mts) High Pressure Grease Delivery Hose(LT75072ME)
3. Grease Delivery Control Valve(LT740ME)
4. Rapid Disconnect Coupler(815ME) & Air Nipple (11660ME); Air Motor Muffler(LT2601ME)
5. Pump SPECS: Pump Tube Length 15-3/4"(40.01cm) & Diameter 1.0"(2.54CM) made for 25LB(11.3KG)-50LB(22.7KG) Pails and Drums; Air Motor Height: 11.0"((27.94CM); Overall Height: of Unit: 26-3/4"(67.9CM).

6. Follower Plate (LT91500ME) w/ Rubber Outer Wiping Ring for Conical Pails; (Downtube Insert: 1.0"(2.54CM) Diameter); assures positive prime and vaccuum at low temps (prevents cavitation)
7. Other Follower Plates Available: LT84775ME Molded Rubber Follower Plate (Insert Diameter 1.0"(2.54CM)); LT91500M: Solid Steel Follower Plate (Diameter 1.0"(2.54CM)).
8. Steel Drum Cover with screw downs and Knurl and Coupler assembly to adjust Height to accomodate Pails from 25-50 lbs capacity (91144M). (Drum Cover Opening 1-1/4"(3.175CM)) Cover Diameter: 12-5/8" (32.07CM)
9: Height Adjuster (coupler) for the drum cover to adjust the level of the pump in the pail if needed.
10. Output: 80cu in/minute of grease at 100PSI of NLGI #2 at 70 Degrees ambient Temperature (.35cu in/cycle)

11. Air Inlet 1/8"NPT(f); Lube Outlet: 1/4"NPT(f);
12. These High Pressure Grease Pumps incorporate a 20 cu in Air Motor Design.
13. New Downtube Packings made of Tion / Teflon for longer life.
MAX Air Pressure: 150PSI; Recomended: 80-100PSI;  MAX Grease Pressure: 7500PSI; Recomended: 5000PSI; Note: Pump life reduces considerable if operating above the recommended air pressure
15. One Year Warrant
y against Defective Materials, Workmanship and Labor.
16. All Pumps are Pressure Tested Statically and Dynamically in Grease for Output, Pressure, Performance and Quality.
17. Additional Accessories Available: LT82103ME Grease Strainer for Pump Tube; LTA5253ME "Z" Swivel for the Control Valve; LT84191ME Roll-A_Around Band Dolly; LT66645ME Locking Swivel 1/4"(m) x 1/4"(f) for Pump Outlet

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18. Optional Hoses Available(See Below):
LT75120ME 10ft X " HP Grease Hose w/ 1/4"NPT(m) couplings
LT75240ME 20ft X " HP Grease Hose w/ 1/4"NPT(m) couplings
LT75360ME 30ft X " HP Grease Hose w/ 1/4"NPT(m) couplings
LT75480ME 40ft X " HP Grease Hose w/ 1/4"NPT(m) couplings
LT75600ME 50ft X " HP Grease Hose w/ 1/4"NPT(m) couplings
19. Complete Repair Kits Available:
R83054M: Simple Repair Kit for Grease Pumps LT 82716ME;
R83054ME: Complete Repair Kit for Grease Pumps
R83000ME: Air Motor Repair Kit for LT82716ME;
R83001ME: Down Tube Repair Kit for LT82716ME;
20. Other Information: Weight and DIMS: BOX Weight: 28LBS (12.7KG)
BOX DIMS: Length: 28.0"(71.2cm) X Width:14"(25.6cm) X Height: 6- 1/2"(16.5cm)

21: Price
22: Download LT989-500ME pdf file